Making My Goals Real

Like most people, I too often allow distractions to take over hours of my day. I know my wandering mind will be a huge obstacle to overcome if I am to successfully get through my 100-mile training journey. I am on a mission to find focus. With this in mind, one of my goals this week was to write down my running goals! This task has been on my to-do list for a while.

I recently bought from Amazon the great training journal written by Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan-Dumas. It is a lovely item for any runner to own. I would highly recommend it. Here’s mine.




One of the first sections in the journal is about “Defining your goals”. I studied Ro and Lauren’s advice and eagerly read examples of their goals, reasons for their goals and steps they planned to take to reach their goals-wonderful. Motivated by their advice, I got started on my journal today by writing down my goal (Finish the Sinister 7 100 miles), reasons and steps. Then I made my first entry in the training log. It’s such a lovely journal that you want to write in it. My first entry was for yesterday (8th February-Family Day in BC, Canada) and described my easy 10K with Peter around Burnaby Lake. I was recovering after skiing the previous day at Whistler. For me, skiing is great strength training. I never fail to feel the lactic acid burn in my legs after a few minutes going down the piste!



Skiing with Eva, Peter and Mig on Sunday at Whistler. Strength training for runners!


Finally for today, a pic from one of my training days last week; fast hiking the BCMC trail in North Vancouver. It’s a 5.8k round trip with 790m of elevation up then down. I love it!



Winter training in Beautiful BC






6 thoughts on “Making My Goals Real

  1. angelmurf

    I’m using the same journal this year. My good friend bought it for me after I finished my first 50k in September. The entertainment value will be reading through it this time next year. Keep up the training 100 mile sistah!

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  2. Lonestar Run Girl

    I never thought about purchasing a running journal. I rather like this idea. The blogging about running was my first foray into running reflection. I think I might really need that journal in me life. My birthday is this month, maybe I’ll ask for it. That is probably something my mother would enjoy buying for me.

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