Backpacking long weekend to Russet Lake near Whistler

A photo post!

Gnarly hiking is great training for ultra-running.  Add a heavy rucksack to your back and you have some great strength training too!

With this in mind, Peter and I headed out backpacking into the lovely mountains for a long weekend. Monday was BC day: a holiday! On Saturday we took the Whistler gondola and from the top hiked the musical bumps to Russet Lake. There’s a little backcountry campsite there at the water’s edge. It’s beautiful. Stunning mountains and glaciers surround it.

Here are a few photos of our wonderful weekend. (The “featured image” at the top is a classic Whistler view. It’s taken on our way back to the gondola on Monday, on High Note Trail looking down to Cheakamus Lake. Beautiful!)



Strength training with a heavy pack. I’ve still to suss out the “fast and light” way!


Our view of the campsite at Russet Lake: about a four hour hike from the gondola with a heavy pack. That’s Peter! There’s a little backcountry hut which you can just see in the distance.


Sunday was spent meandering in the alpine


Alpine flowers: Indian paintbrush


More strength training! Doing push-ups in an alpine meadow.


Can you spot the marmot!


Homeward bound!


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