• I have been a runner since age 11 and it has seen me through thick and thin. In 2016 I turned 50! Yikes how did that happen! I have done hundreds of races in my lifetime from 100 metres to 100 kilometres. 2017 sees me still trying to finish 100 miles. I’ve DNF’d two of them!
  • Blogging and writing is new….see my first post “New Challenges”   🙂
  • I thrive on and love eating mostly healthy plant-based food. It’s one of the healthiest ways to eat. Rich Roll and Scott Jurek have been huge inspirations to me.
  • I am proudly Scottish and live near Vancouver, BC, Canada. I hail from Dumbarton not too far from the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. In 2016 I became Canadian too!
  • I love coffee and could never give it up! I’m Scottish so love a cup of tea too. Add a book and that’s bliss.
  • I am passionate about health.
  • I work as a family doctor.
  • See you on the trails 🙂




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